La Hacienda Del Senorio De Cifuentes, Benahavis, Spain, Buy Rent Holiday



  1. Please exercise care and attention when driving in the community. Vehicles speed should not exceed 30km per hour. The give way signs at junctions must be observed.
  2. Drivers should exercise common sense when parking on the community's roads and show respect for others by not parking on bends or otherwise blocking the road. In particular, drivers must observe the no parking signs, shown by yellow markings on the kerb. Please use the designated parking spaces wherever possible.
  3. Each owner shall deposit their garbage in the bins provided at the entrance gate. Recycling bins are available on the right side of the road just past the roundabout. Garbage should be placed in the bins and not on the side of the road. 
  4. The Committee and Administrator are exclusively responsible for managing contract staff. Any comments and complaints about the employees or contractors to the Community must be communicated in writing to the Administrator or Committee
  5. It is forbidden to use the utilities and common elements for private parties
  6. Clothes, towels, duvets etc cannot be hung on balcony railings where they would be visible to others in the community. Clothes airers can be used discreetly on terraces
  7. Access to the roof of the building is prohibited, except by authorised personnel
  8. Activities that produce noise and a potential nuisance to neighbours are prohibited between the hours of 11pm and 8am
  9. Motorbikes should only be driven on the public roads in and around the community for the purpose of access to the block or garage of the homeowner or tenant
  10. Any owner who is in debt to the community and not contributing to the upkeep of the community is prohibited from using the facilities of the community (eg pools)


  1. Owners who intend to carry out work to the external areas of their property, should obtain prior approval from the Committee
  2. The completion of works without permission or completed differently to authorised and which affects or harms another owner or the aesthetics to the building will require to be returned to their original state
  3. Owners should use the correct paint codes/colours for terraces, pergolas and railings.
  4. Glass curtains should be the type approved at a previous AGM
  5. Rejas on the glass terrace doors should be brown in colour
  6. No rejas are allowed on front doors
  7. The installation of awnings should be cream in colour
  8. No shutters are allowed on windows, glass terrace and glass entry doors
  9. The front doors to apartments should not be changed or painted that affects the aesthetics of the communal areas of the building
  10. Fencing cannot be constructed around terraces
  11. Large satellite dishes/antennae should only be placed on the roof in the satellite bay and not on terraces/walls
  12. Owners should allow reasonable entry into their home by authorised personnel to conduct technical checks or repairs that are necessary for the overall performance of the building


  1. Dogs must be accompanied by their owners at all times and kept on a leash
  2. Certain types of dogs (in accordance with Spanish law) should be muzzled 
  3. Dog waste must be removed by owners and placed in the dog bin at the entrance to the community
  4. Dogs must be provided with the appropriate health documentation (including injection for rabies which is a legal requirement annually in Spain)
  5. The owner should avoid dogs barking all the time. Owners should seek to avoid excessive barking at all the times.
  6. Dogs that consistently bark are the responsibility of the owner and every effort should be made by the owner to avoid the excessive aggravation of neighbours
  7. In addition to imposing appropriate sanctions for breaking the rules, the Committee can notify the municipal services for the collection of dogs that do not comply with the above requirements.
  8. Owners renting their apartments (on a short or long term basis) must enforce a strict ‘no pets allowed’ policy. Any new tenant renting a property in La Hacienda del Señorio De Cifuentes after 14.6.17 will not be permitted to have any animals within the Community
  9. Tenants in place before 14.6.17 can keep any existing pets provided they are registered with the Community. No additional pets will be permitted.
  10. All owners must register their dogs with the committee (and those of their existing tenants).


  1. Each block has one lift and in no case may the occupancy exceed the capacity (in total weight or number of people) of the lift
  2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the lifts
  3. No-one under the age of 12 years should use the lift without being accompanied by an adult
  4. It is prohibited to carry objects, parcels or packages where the weight exceeds the capacity limit or the size and characteristics are susceptible to cause damage or deterioration to the lift
  5. In no case may owners take exclusive and permanent use of the lifts (moving furniture, building materials or any other reason) which could cause deterioration to the lift or impact the continuing service for the rest of the neighbours
  6. When used for moving furniture or building materials owners must ensure that the lift is cleaned and restored to its original state
  7. Please use the telephone provided to report any failure of a lift. Owners or tenants must not manipulate any mechanism in the lift in the case of malfunction


  1. Please read and adhere to the pool rules displayed at the entrance to each pool.
  2. Community pools are normally open from 1 May – 30 September. One pool will be open from Easter until the end of October
  3. Pools are open from dawn until dusk each day. However, Owners should be aware that the pools will not be cleaned before 10 am each day.
  4. Access to the pools is by a locked gate. Owners should ensure they (or their guests and tenants) are in possession of an entry key. The gates should be closed at all times
  5. At no time should the gate be tampered with to gain access to the pools.
  6. It is forbidden to climb over the fence to gain access to the pools
  7. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult
  8. It is mandatory to shower before using the pool
  9. Users of the pool should wear suitable swimwear
  10. Floats, lilos and balls should be used with care and not be left in the pools or pool areas
  11. Unruly behaviour that could affect the enjoyment of others is prohibited in or around the pools
  12. Smoking is forbidden around the pool area
  13. Food or drinks should not be taken into the pool enclosure area
  14. Pets are prohibited in the pool area
  15. Sunbeds are provided around the pool – owners do not need to bring their own
  16. Sunbeds cannot be reserved
  17. The Committee has the right to remove people whose behaviour leads to problems or danger to other users


  1. Owners are responsible, at all times, for the behaviour of their tenants.  Owners should therefore ensure that their tenants respect the community and comply with the community rules 
  2. Any breach of the community rules by the tenant will be the responsibility of the owner who will also incur any penalties, or claims for the reparation of any damages 


  1. Owners should only use the garage space(s) belonging to their apartment
  2. Owners should make tenants and guests aware of the garage space that is allocated for their apartment
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use the garages as a vehicle repair shop  
  4. It is strictly forbidden to install electrical outlets in the storage rooms, which should be used only for storage of non flammable items 


  1. 1.Community Fees will be collected quarterly in accordance with the agreed budget. Fee invoices should be paid by direct debit or on receipt of invoice. If payment is not received within 7 working days from the date of the invoice, then our administrators will pursue the debt with the owner.
  2. If payment has not been made by the end of the first calendar month then it becomes an overdue debt and a penalty of 5% of the outstanding debt per month will be imposed. The 5% will be charged at the close of business on the last working day of the month and be charged on the whole debt, not just the debt of the current quarter.
  3. If the debt remains unpaid after the first 3 calendar months, the debt will be passed either to a UK debt collector or a Spanish lawyer – whichever is most appropriate. The costs of the collection agency and/or lawyer will also be added to the debt. Small outstanding balances of less than €50 will not be subject to the above process.

These Community Rules are in addition to the Community Statutes and are not intended to alter the power of the statutes. In the event of any potential conflict between these rules and the statutes, then the statutes should apply.

These Community Rules are entered into force the day after their approval at the AGM held on 14th June 2017.

Paint Codes: 
Exterior Terrace Walls  NCS S2020 Y30R 
Terrace Railings  Climas Extremos - Pintura para hierro/ferro - Marrón Brillante  (0.5 ltr costs 15.95€) - this is from Leroy Merlin and has an 8 yr guarantee 
Pergolas    NCS S6020 Y60R 
For information:  The colour of the original interior walls in apartments is NCS S0603 Y40R