La Hacienda Del Senorio De Cifuentes, Benahavis, Spain, Buy Rent Holiday


Hacienda Cifuentes is a gated community with perimeter fencing and CCTV in operation throughout the site.  Entry and exit at Hacienda Cifuentes is only possible via the automated gates which are manned 24/7 by a Concierge (Spanish-speaking only) who controls access to and from the Community. 

Access is only available to those with a community remote control (mando) or where a resident has provided written permission for a visit or delivery (more detail in the Welcome pamphlet). For the security of all: No mando or written permission = No entry or exit!

Drivers should exercise common sense when parking on the Community's roads and not park where there are yellow lines on the kerb or across footpaths.  There is a 20kph speed limit throughout the development.

Printed Site Maps are available at the Gatehouse.